Jen is an absolute joy to work with. She’s friendly, professional, and knows her craft well. I’ve had a number of different editors and she is by far the most thorough. She also has a great understanding of fictional writing as well as grammar rules. She understands writing style and voice, and knows how to edit without effecting the integrity of the writing. Your manuscript will be in good hands. I plan to work with Jen often in the future.

-Kelly Oram, best-selling author of The Avery Shaw Experiment


Working with Jen was what I always hoped it would be like to work with an editor–a great blend of both the technical and the creative. She tracks down every last detail of grammar and formatting and spelling, so the manuscript feels bulletproof. And this goes way beyond just correct spelling and placement of commas. Even if you’re a great speller, you will be blown away by all the other random grammar and formatting intricacies that no average person even notices. Jen knows this stuff; nothing will get past her. At the same time, she also knows how to participate on the creative side. Jen became a great sounding board for me on Dolls. In fact, her suggestions and feedback convinced me to restructure the ending, which gave the story a few crucial final moments I wouldn’t have thought to include myself. I’ve worked with several editors before Jen–some were all technical and no creative, others were the opposite. Jen is the best of both!

~Jonathan Harrow, author of Dolls


Jen’s edited everything I’ve written in the past two years. She amazes me. Her eye for detail never fails to spot the mistakes I’ve made. Best of all, she never fails to leave me better at writing then when I started. She’s taught me more about punctuation than any of my teachers have – though she’s still trying to get comma usage through my thick skull. She’s even made me a little obsessive about making sure I am using blond/blonde correctly! Her insightful comments and observations have provided me with the key to improve both the tale I am working on and my overall skills as a writer. In fact, one comment she made me caused me to go back and completely restructure several chapters, leading to a much better story. I’ve always known I needed help editing my work; I struggle to catch my own mistakes. Jen offers exactly the services I needed and I am so happy she’s agreed to work with me.

Sara Drake, author of Family Heir


I’m new to writing so I was (understandably) a bit nervous when I started looking for editors. At the start, I was worried that our author-editor relationship was going to be stiff and overly formal. However, Jen has a wonderful, down to earth, personality that quickly put me at ease. She is both casual and professional, which is a rare quality in most people. Most importantly, she is an excellent editor who did great work with Whispers of Dawn. She has a keen eye for detail that extends to all aspects of the editing process. More than just proofreading and sentence structure, she reads your manuscript exhaustively and makes sure that your plot, naming, setting, all remain consistent throughout. I am confident that Whispers of Dawn is now a polished product. I will definitely work with her again in the future!

-Darrin Perez, author of Whispers of Dawn


As my English is not my mother tongue, I’ll make this one short to minimize my embarrassing mistakes. Jen took one of my books, Night Shitf (Yeah, shitf it is. Not a typo this time), a properly edited and proofread book, and polished it a little more. I know the devil is in the details (or is it God?), so this was necessary and very well done. I’m SURE that her service saved me some future bad reviews, and I plan to hire her again and agane. Again, oops.

-L.L. Fine, author of Night Shitf