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The Infinity Program by Richard H. Hardy Book Review

The Infinity Program is about two men, Harry and Jon, who both work at HTPS Industries.  Jon is one of those people who pretty much anyone likes, very easy-going and friendly. Harry has a reputation for being something of an oddball—extremely intelligent and very eccentric.  Despite their differences Harry and Jon become friends. There is a love interest …

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Conquering Shame and Codependency by Darlene Lancer Book Review

I’m in the habit of reviewing the psychology related books that come my way. I’ve spent years studying psychology academically and still enjoy learning new things. So, I’d picked this book from the list a while ago with no idea what I would be getting into. My brief time as a substance abuse counselor was …

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Bee Summers by Melanie Dugan Book Review

In the book Bee Summers, you are witnessing the life of Melissa as she grows up and becomes an adult. At the very beginning of the book, her mother disappears and she is left wondering where she went. Her father is very evasive about it all, giving her no closure which of course led her to idealize …

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