An Evening at King’s English with Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs

Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs are both YA authors, but are with different publishers (though the same film company has optioned their books) and they are not two names or people that I’d put together. Yet tonight, they appeared together at my favorite indie book store, King’s English. I have read Ransom’s Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and Tahereh’s Shatter Me; if you’re interested in reviewing my reviews, click the highlighted text. I’d been pretty undecided on whether I’d continue with either series since I unfortunately had strong feelings about both of the books. However, after meeting them in person and learning more about them and their writing processes, I am thinking I will continue reading both authors.

I wasn’t expecting how funny both of them would be. I wish I’d had my voice recorder with me tonight (usually I have it, but I am still a bit fried from all of the interviews I attended last week) because Ransom told a pretty funny joke that I’d love to post, and I can’t remember it. If anything, this teaches me I should never be without my trusty voice recorder, right?

Tahereh and Ransom were both at King’s English tonight thanks to the University of Utah, and the evening started out with them reading short excerpts–from each other’s books. They thought it would be weird to read from their own books. I thought it was pretty cool exactly how they did it, especially since the books are so very different.

Photo credit: Marissa at Raegun Ramblings

One of my favorite questions of the night was about their writing processes. Every author has a different approach to how their book is written. For Ransom, he writes it from the beginning to the end. Some days he may just stare at his computer monitor for four hours without writing anything. Other days, he may look for inspiration from favorite books and movies to help him keep going. Tahereh, on the other hand, is reclusive and will stay locked up in her hours for several weeks at a time, doing nothing but writing from sun up and sun down. She’ll also ignore her phone during this time as well.

I was honestly impressed with all of the questions that were asked tonight; they went far and beyond information that you could easily find on either author’s website or from following them on their social media. I also loved the opportunity to chat with both of them during the signing portion of the evening–Ransom especially, since he has a background in film and I am also very interested in the film industry. I think I may have just made Ransom’s night when I told him his book beat out a John Green nomination in my book club!

Tahereh and Ransom are both very active on Twitter; you can follow Tahereh here and Ransom here.

For more information about Ransom Riggs and his books, visit his website here.

For more information about Tahereh and her books, visit her website here.

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