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Book Review: Before You Go by James Preller

Reading contemporary YA is still somewhat new to me, but I seem to be attracted to the same sort of stories based on the books I’ve selected to read so far. I’ve noticed a pattern of choosing stories that involve characters struggling with a friend’s or other loved one’s death, and James Preller’s Before You Go fits …

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Book Review: Energized by Edward M. Lerner

Reviewed by James La Salandra In simplest terms, speculative fiction—of which science fiction is but one sub-category—can be defined as a genre intent on conjuring answers to “what if” questions. In Energized, physicist and computer scientist Edward M. Lerner employs his technological acumen in weaving a host of such questions into a richly thrilling fictional fabric. …

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Book Review: Charlotte Markham and the House of Darkling by Michael Boccacino

Inspired by his own dreams and the passing of his mother, Michael Boccacino creates a hauntingly dark and creative world where the paths of the dead and the living can be joined once more. After the brutal slaying of the Darrow family’s nanny, Charlotte Markham becomes both nanny and governess to Henry Darrow’s children, James …

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